Saturday, October 17, 2009

max said it was raining balloons.

friday was a crop til you drop day. the familiar post it notes are on the tables so we all know who sits where. many come and go for whatever reasons. tho i'm the lazy one and i order food in. there are several of us that do so. i find myself at the shoppe quite often. it keeps me off of my sofa more times than not. there are those days that i go and accomplish absolutely nothing but to hear the chatter of the owner, cheryl, with her customers. if i could only have but 1 iota of her energy and her cheerful heart i believe i would be a better person. actually there is also sweet sweet shelley with the kindest of hearts and always an ear to listen and not judge. there are so many that come and go. only if its just to pop in to say hi or grab a certain paper they just can't live without. so much goes on in this cozy store that at times it can feel like home. there are those of us that would be called the regulars. and there are those that come in small groups; probably a "mommys day out" or a birthday party. i find it both amazing and overwhelming at these times. i find myself in awe of cheryl as she keeps her store in a constant motion of newness and fun gatherings. our halloween crop will give everyone a chance to be a kid again; dressing in costumes and playing games. cheryl always has a secret to top it off. we had a great slumber party with party games nobody would believe unless they were there. some of us are pretty tough cookies and will "thro down" just so we can win. and we all end up rolling all over the place. now we are gearing up for our own halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas. and in between we all find ourselves working on the pages for the random pictures we had put aside. the weather is changing (finally) and from now til the end of the year there is a big green bowl on the front table filled with chocolate candies. this truly keeps cheryl happy. and a few others as well...

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. Charles M. Schulz