Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life is Good

there is nothing like good friends and places to go.

our home is being remodeled and i'm so thankful that it is even possible!  we have been in this project for several months now and the transformation is awesome :)  inside and out.  the crew (basically family now) love our son and have taken him under their wings and let him get right in there with them.  i can't count the pictures i've taken.

and, speaking of pictures, we have a wonderful friend we love spending time with.  she's awesome!  she's one smart sexy lady who knows her stuff.  she takes great pics of all sorts of people, places and things.  she's a computer whiz when it comes to photos, videos, etc.  she's always going somewhere and seeing everything imaginable.  we have so much fun when she's in town.  above is a pic she took of us together :) 

so we took a breather from all of the dust and cacophony surrounding us and took off for some good food and big laughter.  and did we laugh!  toni is soooo sweet and the best at whatever anybody has a hankering for.  of course, food was on our menus and we dug in.  we have such a bad habit of holding up tables in restaurants.  we take our time.  but we always warn our server ahead of time so she/he can expect us to be there for however long it takes.  and it is always so nice to share in the compliments of those surrounding us.  life is just too short not to enjoy what you have at a moment's notice.  ha!  now that my hair has grown out (some of you may remember when my hair was "maybe" an inch long) i can snatch that stuff up off my face, put a bit of color on my lips and i'm ready to go!  oh, well, i do try to throw on something decent before leaving the house.  so much fun to spruce up a bit with a pretty dress and sandals.

and she's suppose to be here this weekend too!  yyaaaaaaaay!     

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. Charles M. Schulz