Sunday, June 6, 2010

the frog and kittie

last night i was talking on the phone to my mom when i realized there was something on the top of my pantry door frame. now i'm sitting in my living room thinking what is that? i can see across the room and into the kitchen and it looks like there is a hole over the door frame. now i knew this couldn't be right because we just had the kitchen painted a few weeks ago and a hole would have never gone unnoticed. so i immediately yell for my husband to check it out. of course my little max runs into the kitchen to see what's happening and all the while i'm yelling "what is it?" to which my husband is yelling back "i don't know yet!" mike finally realized it was a frog. a frog on the top of my pantry door frame! the next thing i see is mike with a little glass jar that one would put homemade jam in. as i watch my husband he carefully places the little jar up and over the frame with the lid ready to close it up. he has captured the frog and my little max is amazed. its his first frog! well, earlier in the evening i had noticed that our cat, perfectly named kittie, had come in thru the doggie door yowling. and you need to know that the doggie door is in the master bedroom. so when kittie came in she walks through the living room and into the kitchen with a constant yowling that continued for about 10 minutes. although i wondered what in the world was wrong i kept a steady conversation with my mom on the phone. i really didn't want to investigate the situation. so after the lively conversation with my mother had ended i decided to try and figure out just how that frog landed on the top of the door frame. now kittie likes to attack whatever moves in the yard. so typical of any cat i've ever known.

ever read the story about jonah and the whale...

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. Charles M. Schulz