Saturday, August 18, 2012

reflections of a little boy

he sits in patient anticipation of what he isn't always sure.
but he hopes as all little boys do.
they don't forget no matter how long it takes.
he will always wait.
maybe he will see his reflection in the window.
making faces while he waits.
the slightest hint of knowing something good will happen.
his tender heart gives way to the hope of never ending.
eyes open wide to surprise and wonder of what life holds.
his strength is more than he knows.
a super hero he dreams of being.
he never wants to be outdone before he comes undone.
holding on tight to what he knows is right.
just a little boy growing up fast and he doesn't know.
as he looks out a window he doesn't know it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

this little boy of mine

in just a few hours he will begin his 2nd year with a few old friends and meet new ones.

i tend to stay up during the night before a big day for him.  he's a restless soul.  he counts the days, the hours, the minutes.  and when he finally sleeps i can count on him to toss and tumble.  waking at least once.  and he does.

"mama?"  and i dash down the hall to his room.  he tells me he can't sleep.  "you've already been sleeping."  i tell him.  and he asks "how many more hours til i go to school?"  so i scootched him over telling him "5 hours."  i lay down beside him as he snuggles back down into his covers curled in next to me.  and in moments he breathes softly as i slip away.

i check his supply list, again.  i grab his backpack and the bags of supplies that he will take with him.  the dog ate one 24ct pack of crayola crayons.  thankfully i had gotten 2 packs.  all is set and ready to go.  and i hear "i'm thirsty."  as i take him some water i can tell today will be along day for him.  thankfully he is able to go back to sleep. 

when he's ready to leave i will take his picture.  as i will every year.  because i know this little boy of mine, he's gonna let it shine.
All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. Charles M. Schulz