Friday, March 22, 2013

did i?

yes!  lessons learned.  many, over the years.  differences are expected; received and returned.
my days and nights.  the wee hours.  and the ones filled with the endless homework of a  7 year old.
where are those fleeting moments; the ones that fly so quickly by.  that is where they are.
i do not worry over lost sleep.  or the dishes in the sink.  because my eyes follow the details in a story.
hearing the voice of a little boy; so excited to share his day.  yet sleeping on the way home.
mama can i take a nap before i do my homework - of course he can.  why not - because.
a crowded kitchen table; the papers and pencils, books to be read.  the laptop and many journals.
keeping track of anything.  words thru cyber communication; funny, sad, gut-wrenching, truth.
dates and times - where and when.  a calendar to jot in, another in my cell - connected to life's trip.
it doesn't matter when or how.  just that it is.  stop and listen.  watch the motion in his words.
the constant hugs and brief kisses.  little arms wrapped around me.  coming back for more.  and more.
reading out loud and skipping words.  "ch" in the chorus of his world.  don't forget the silent h.
my time is spent in time.  real time today; everyday.  but the promise is just for today.  it's ok.
will this be enough for us to travel a bumpy road only to come back again.  we begin again.  repeat.
before it starts the week is done.  my day was spent before i was ready.  it doesn't matter why.
i am here and waiting.  listening to the sounds of life.  winding my way around the hours of a day.
clouds are painted on the ceiling.  a sun in the corner and a rainbow on the wall.  he hung the moon.
my pot of gold rides in a car seat.  a daily game of "i'm first!" to buckle in.  and he always wins.
we talk in our sleep.  the cartoons of yesterday playing through the night.  wanderings of a fever?
but the laundry isn't done.  the dog keeps it company.  just another happy being - why not.
it's another moment not being rushed.  life is too short to bother if you know you have a clean shirt.
he still doesn't know how to tie his shoes.  i kind of like it that way.  because daddy cooks supper.
there's an understanding.  always.  somewhere in the middle we will figure it out.  take your time.
i love you monkey butt.  he heard me laughing in my sleep.  look mama - yes, i see.

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. Charles M. Schulz