Friday, January 23, 2009

i'm pretending i don't see the polkadots...

today was what seemed a very long day. however, i was able to make a quick trip to the shoppe. i have lost a very special pen; it was a gift. the pen was one of those you can take apart and put whatever you want to show thru the barrel. believe it or not mine was white with green polkadots and had my initial in the middle. i must have lost it at the hospital while visiting my grandmother. so, that is why i was at the shoppe. thankfully cheryl had the pens and was holding one for me to pick up today. now i have to make a decision on just what i want on the inside!

i've really missed being at the shoppe. but, thankfully i am on the email list so i can keep up with all her goodies as they arive! you should see the awesome topiary she made for a sweet valentine. and the card to go with it is perfect. both cheryl and sandy have blogs and are listed on my page. to see their beautiful hand made gifts and cards you should follow their wonderful blogs!

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Farrah said...

You'll have to take a pic of this awesome sounding pen! I want to see it! :-)

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