Sunday, February 22, 2009

mike, max, and i spent friday in newnan. we played "catch up christmas" with another extension of my family. it was the usual meet at a restaurant (i hate o'charleys, btw), banter over drinks, take forever to order, although we do order early for the little ones, then linger for no important reasons. well, i do. my baby sister is always the first to rush away for some other engagement she has always planned knowing our event was on the calendar. so we are left with mama which naturally leads us into shopping mode. i was glad for the time we spent together regardless of time restraints.

once we were back in columbus i rushed about the house changing into pj's and making sure i had everything in my suv i knew i wouldn't use for the evening's event... that being the scrapbook shoppe yearly pajama party!

the shoppe was packed and loud and happy. how cheryl manages to make so many happy never ceases to amaze me. the food was galore, the games hysterical, and the chatter never stopped. some managed to actually create while others moved about. i, like everyone else, had lugged in all of my "scrapments" with good intentions, yet counting on nothing but a good time. and that i had.

the party ended with breakfast at IHOP with each of us going our separate ways having full bellys and looking for our warm beds.

i'm still amazed with what women will talk about even while they're scrapping. and i was right. i didn't accomplish a thing. well, i'll rephrase. laughter.


annie kelleher said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! pleasedtameetcha as they say where i come from. i'll be back!

Dina said...

glad you had a great weekend!!! and your blog looks great...those are the same ladies designing my blog. i did not know you used them!


annie, anytime! and, btw, i think we say the same thing where we live.

dina, now i wonder, just how in the world we would blunder across the same such ladies. hmmmmmm????

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