Friday, June 18, 2010

i have a little couch potato...

you've all heard the phrase "couch potato" and with it comes the vision of a very sloppy person who only moves to retrieve something from the fridge and/or more munchies. well, not my little couch potato.

my max reminds me of a mr potato head but in constant motion. he absolutely loves our couch. hence, i have a little couch potato.

our couch is a huge curved piece of furniture that i decided to turn into a sectional. and, not to mention it is soooo comfortable. its covered in pillows. it has big pillow backs and many throw pillows. these pillows have been the source of many hours of fun for max. he doesn't just rearrange them he makes them into something.

its also a practice stage for jumping, flipping, building and hiding. of course there are also several blankets involved for tent making and torturing maggie, our chihuahua. might i mention that max has learned when maggie's had enough. regardless, max continues to arrange and rearrange so as to throw us off in a game of hide and seek.

we bought our couch before max came along. i remember lying on our original couch one night and opened one eye when a particular commercial came on and i said there's my couch. and so it was. as a matter of fact there is not another couch like it for miles around. the couch we bought was the actual couch in the commercial (rather the same fabric). it is covered with stars! and at first we babied it. it cost a mere fortune. sort of. but my dear husband would go into hysterics if one of our dogs jumped on it. and by all means would someone please explain how to keep a cat off the furniture...

anyway, as max has grown he has loved the couch in so many ways. lately he's been such a little cuddle bug. when he finally decides to settle down for the night he will either lay on his daddy's chest (yes, still lays on daddy's chest and will be 5 on july 4) and drift away or cuddle up next to me and go to sleep sitting up. and there are some nights when we try to move him to his bed and he catches us and wants to stay on his beloved couch.

i'm sure this will be our only couch until max graduates from college. but i don't think he will really be the epitome of a real couch potato. he's never still long enough to be one.

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