Monday, November 10, 2008

3 pages in just a few hours!

for me this is a first. its not that i don't have imagination. its the fact that it is difficult to scrap a page with no pictures. i've really had to work hard to manage what i accomplished today. of course i had to buy new paper that just arrived. but i used paper i had purchased previously. i got a thumbs up from cheryl. it made my day! and for the life of me i couldn't imagine why i had "dog" paper. then i realized my dogs are family too so they got their page today. i suppose the cat will have to be sitting with the dogs for her to make it into the album! i'm hoping i can make enough pages for those i want to have a memory book. of course these will be starter pages right? no pictures yet! i may sneak in a few pumpkin pages with max on them for the grandparents. i'm still searching for the right albums for the right people. hmmmm...

hey! i'm getting into this blogging thing...!

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