Wednesday, November 12, 2008

mike's birthday page!

today i created mike's birthday page. yet again it was difficult so i've taken to looking thru magazines and such for my ideas. it's ironic that i chose a page layout that was for "a mother like no other." i'm always telling him he is not his mother because he acts just like her. but i got it done and i'm proud of it. bless his heart though. i had to get him to download some pictures so i could put one on the page! now i need to make something for max to give him. although i did raid the candy bowl at the shoppe (the one i always fill) and got all of the whoppers out, put them in a clear candy bag with a bow and a tag. yes, i'm pretty proud of myself. can't help it! i'm so very glad i have the shoppe to go to. i learn something everyday. i love crafting, creating. it's such good therapy!!!

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