Monday, November 10, 2008

the calendar

i spent saturday (all day mind you) at the shoppe. we had a class to make a beautiful calendar for 2009. of course! it wouldn't make sense if it were for 2008! anyhoo, that was one heck of a class. cheryl is a great teacher. hopefully, one day i will catch up. but i have to keep in mind she has at least 10 years on me with her scrapbooking. i was there before 10am and didn't leave (finish) until a bit after 5pm. i came home and collapsed. literally. but i'm proud to say i did complete my beautiful calendar! i have so much going on for the next month. projects for the shoppe and maybe something i can work in for gifts. i love this and i believe i'm addicted. if only i could scrapbook pages for gifts with no pictures to go by! christmas would be complete as far as gift giving. with that said, i think i'll go get ready and run off to the shoppe to see my favorite "teacher" and complete at least one page...

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Farrah from Wife and Mom of 3 said...

I've created monthly folders for our pics so I can make 2010 calendars for the grandparents for Christmas this year. Wanted to do it this past Christmas but wasn't as prepared but I will be once that time comes around again!

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