Saturday, November 15, 2008

friday nite crop!

ok. so i've learned that crop nite really takes its tole on me the next day. but i love being surrounded by wonderful people and all that we can share with each other! there's so much laughter and most everyone is working on something different. all have their own style of doing their pages. last nite was great. not so much a full house but a busy one. one of our girls completed 20 pages! as to my 1 page. lol! a few of our friends weren't able to be there but we know they will show up soon. we also have new comers and that's always fun. as much fun it is to scrapbook making new friends just adds so much more. its wonderful when some will come from almost 100 miles to join us! i truly believe the draw to the shoppe is the owner, cheryl. she has the patience of job. she never fails to help when someone is new to the craft. she's the busiest woman i know. and i can promise you she has more craft ideas (especially scrapbooking) with christmas just ahead of us than any magazine you can find! when there is a moment that someone is stuck she can follow your idea and get you going again.

when you have a moment please check out her blog and you will see for yourself what i'm talking about.

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